Wild Life Care and Removal in the City of Chicago

Interesting Facts about Wildlife in Cities and Surrounding Suburbs

pheasantWhen the term wildlife is used, it can denote many animals. Specifically, it can denote animals like, mice, rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, birds, skunks, bats, pheasants, turkeys, and opossums. There are other animals and birds that are unwanted visitors in the home. In the city of Chicago, it can include birds like the egret, eagles, and animals like the lynx and the panther. The best thing to do when a wild animal comes into your home is to call an exterminator who has a reputation for being human to animals.

Fortunately, in many areas in the country, and in Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs, there is an appreciation for the wildlife and a hope for their continued existence. There are such programs currently like the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan, the Streams Campaign, the Wetlands Campaign, the Farmland and Woodland Campaign, and the Green Cities Campaign. There are many more programs throughout the United States that promotes the preservation of wildlife habitats.

The Benefits of Ecological Programs and the Wildlife in the Area

When considering the area of Chicago, one might wonder about the names and numbers of animals and birds that live near the Chicago River. There is a society called the Friends of the Chicago River that strives to maintain the preservation of wildlife and the ecological balance around the great river. Accordingly, this society has discovered and has reported a number of wild life animals that one would not expect to be living in the river or near the river. An alligator was reportedly seen, but it was thought that it had been a pet of an owner before it was seen in the river.

skunkAn otter is sometimes spotted near the river. Otters were once plentiful animals in and around the waters of the Chicago River, but the river became so polluted that the otters no longer considered the river as their habitat. Beavers have been seen near the river in recent years. The beaver is returning to the Chicago River now that ecological programs have been put into effect that cleanse and maintain the cleansing of the Chicago River.

It is good to keep in mind that wildlife was around for centuries and that their habitats existed even in the prehistoric days as it has been proven. It is at first shocking to realize that animals like mice and squirrels can come into the privacy of the house. Indeed, they can build nests and live in your house. However, if the animals are found in your house, there is a humane way of dealing with their removal. Men and women who are trained to deal with these unwanted visitors in your home are trained in strategies for raccoon removal and bat control. A link to professionals can be found here: http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/chicago-wildlife-removal